What’s new in Android 11?

What's new in the latest version of Android? We run through the highlights of the latest Android 11 release.

Android is the most popular operating system for Mobile phones, so as you would expect, it is updated regularly. The latest version – Android 11, was first released in 2020, and is being released for modern smartphones through 2021. These enhancements will make your life easier and enrich your overall smartphone experience.


Previously, all alerts were stored in the notification panel at the top of the screen. This meant calls or other significant messages could be missed because they were out of sight. With Android 11, a tiny bubble will appear on the right side of the phone. There is even a new update section dedicated to conversations, whether they are from emails, Instagram, or any messaging application. This keeps all of your relevant messages in one location, ensuring that you never lose them again.

Another common problem with notifications is that once they are deleted they are gone forever. How often have you half read a notification, swiped to delete it and then wished you could check it again? Android 11 introduces a notification history section so you never miss an important update again!


Android users have been asking for Screen recording for years. Android 11 finally includes the same feature that iPhone owners have been enjoying for quite some time. This has been available on a variety of devices for some time. You no longer need to install a special app to record your screen – you can do it straight from your phone or tablet. 

Control your Smart Devices

Operating systems are expected to include more and more features to keep up as technology advances. One area that has been developing rapidly is the Smart Home and personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Android 11 introduces a dedicated control screen where you can adjust the heating, check your cameras, or just switch off the lamps at the touch of a button. As you would expect, it works very well with Google Home enabled devices.


Following a number of complaints, Google has taken a firmer stance on protection and privacy. With Android 11, you now have more control of what happens to your files and data. You may grant one-time permissions for applications or fine tune what they can and can’t access. 

Dark Mode Enhancements

Google added a dark mode to Android 10. While it worked fine, it was pretty simple. It could only be turned on or off. Android 11 can now activate Dark Mode when the sun falls and switch off when it rises. Or you can choose specific times.

When can I get Android 11 on my phone?

The Android 11 public beta began on June 11, and was made  available to the general public on September 8th 2020, when Google launched it for Google Pixel phones. Most Pixel phones except for the original Pixel will receive Android 11, so we can consider the oldest Pixel model to be “end of life. 

Now that Google has released the final update of Android 11, manufacturers are racing to adapt ti to work it on their phones as quickly as possible.

Some companies have already announced that updates are due, while others (Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme) took part in the beta programme, giving them a head start. Phone vendors who participate in “Android One”, notably Nokia, also have a faster path to the latest updates.

 Manufacturers usually prioritise their latest flagship smartphones, so the roll-out for older models can take several months or even years.