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Giffgaff is the SIM-only mobile network run by and for its members. Operating on O2's network and owned by O2's parent company Telefónica, giffgaff offers 4G coverage to at least 90% of the UK population. Online-only, they do away with high street shops and call centres to offer low cost SIM-only plans for phones and tablets starting from £5 per month.

1 giffgaff PAYGO with 2GB data bundle
2 giffgaff PAYGO with 1GB data bundle
3 giffgaff PAYGO with 5GB data bundle
4 giffgaff PAYGO with 4GB data bundle
5 giffgaff PAYGO with 15GB data bundle
6 giffgaff PAYGO with 26GB data bundle
7 giffgaff PAYGO with 25GB data bundle
8 giffgaff PAYGO with 35GB data bundle
9 giffgaff PAYGO with 30GB data bundle
10 giffgaff PAYGO with 20GB data bundle
11 giffgaff PAYGO with 100GB data bundle
12 giffgaff PAYGO with 80GB data bundle
13 giffgaff PAYGO with Unlimited data bundle
14 giffgaff PAYGO with 150GB data bundle
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  • Flexible 30 day SIM packages

    Giffgaff SIM-only offers the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go SIM with the convenience of a pay monthly contract and, unlike 30-day SIMs from other mobile providers, you don't need to give a notice period when you want to change mobile network, so you really are only tied in for 30 days.

  • Be The Boss

    Giffgaff is the mobile network run by and for its members; this means that you get a say in how you want the network to operate. You can help to run the forums, share your ideas directly with giffgaff and other members plus vote on any changes that giffgaff wants to introduce. Go you!

  • Great Value Bundles

    Online-only means giffgaff has done away with the expensive call centres and high street shops favoured by the larger mobile network, and has passed the saving directly on to its members, with low cost plans starting from £5 per month. If you have friends who are also with the network you can make your minutes go further with free calls to other giffgaff numbers, provided you top-up at least every three months.

  • Free calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers

    Free really means free with all of giffgaff's SIM-only deals so you won't be charged extra to make calls to numbers starting 080 or 0500, which is good news as these numbers typically cost between 14p to 40p per minute to call from some other networks.

  • Earn Reward Points

    Giffgaff is all about its online community. Giffgaff has a host of dedicated members who run the community forum and as a giffgaff member you can really get involved and even earn PayBack points by recruiting new members or helping out members on the forum with tips and advice. Recruiting a new member will earn you 500 PayBack points, each point has a value of 1p, and these can be redeemed twice a year as cash or airtime credit.

Auto recurring goodybags (if you want them)

giffgaff monthly goodybags are designed to be a flexible mix of data, minutes and texts. You can set  your goodybag to renew automatically every month, renew it when you like or even swap and change it for a new one each month.

Easy Peasy SIM sizes

gg SIM cards come in a trio-SIM that incorporates all 3 sizes of SIM (nano, micro-SIM, and standard). Just pop out the SIM that fits your phone.

You're spelling it wrong

nope, giffgaff isn’t capitalised. We are right, everyone else is wrong.