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Virgin Mobile SIM Only

First launched in 1999 as one of the first virtual mobile networks, Virgin SIM Only is well established in the mobile market and offer some excellent value deals and bundles for new and existing customers. 

Virgin Mobile's flexible SIMO plans include free voicemail, free WiFi on the London Underground and exclusive tariffs for existing Virgin Media broadband, TV or home phone customers.

Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly SIM deals

1 month SIMO contracts

For freedom and flexibility a 1 month contact is the best choice. They combine the best parts of PAYG with reasonable data allowances and the knowledge that you aren’t tied in to a long and restrictive contract.

12 Month Virgin Mobile

3GB 12 month Virgin Mobile PAYM SIM Only
Virgin Mobile 12 month Virgin Mobile SIM Only | 3GB data | Unlimited texts and calls
8GB 12 month Virgin Mobile PAYM SIM Only
Virgin Mobile 12 month Virgin Mobile SIM Only | 8GB data | Unlimited texts and calls

24mth Virgin SIM Deals

32GB 24 month Virgin Mobile PAYM SIM Only
Virgin Mobile 24 month Virgin Mobile SIM Only | 32GB data | Unlimited texts and calls
Virgin Mobile
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  • Data Rollover on all SIMO plans

    Data Rollover means you don't lose inclusive data that you haven't used. If you have data left at the end of a month it stays available the following month. Data rollover is available on all Virgin SIM Only plans, and there is no limit to the amount you can carry over. Data only rolls over once - so if you don't use 4GB of data in February it is available to use in March.

  • Change your tariff each month to suit you

    Virgin Mobile's Freestyle tariffs let you change your plan, up or down, each month to suit you. Virgin Mobile's tariffs let you change you plan, up or down, each month. So whether you want to save money and reduce your allowances, or you need extra calls, text or data one month, you simply request a new tariff.

  • Free WiFi on the London Underground

    Virgin Mobile lets you get online underground with free WiFi in the ticket halls, on the escalators, walkways and platforms at 150 stations across the London Underground - all you need is a WiFi enabled device like your smartphone or tablet. Take a look at Virgin Media's Station Guide for more information. Free WiFi from Virgin Media is also available to customers of O2, EE, Three and Vodafone but check the eligibility conditions with each provider.

  • Great coverage

    IN 2021 Virgin Mobile is moving to the Vodafones 4G and 5G network, one of the the biggest in the UK, which also pools resources with O2 for extra coverage. Covering over 99% of the population so are sure to get a clear signal in most towns and cities.

  • Free upgrade to 5G

    All Virgin Mobile customers will have access to 5G as soon as it is available.

  • Free voicemail

    With Virgin Mobile it's free to call your voicemail so you'll never miss a message, even if you've used up all of your monthly allowance, unlike other networks who charge between 8p and 45p per minute to retrieve messages.

What network does Virgin Mobile use?

At the time of writing Virgin uses the EE network but it has cut a groundbreaking deal with Vodafone to switch to their network in 2021. This is good news for Virgin users because Vodafone is serious about its 5G investment in the upcoming decade.

Is Virgin Mobile SIMO cheaper than a phone contract?

Yes, it is usually cheaper to buy SIM only than a handset contract. With a SIMO contract you don’t have to pay interest or extra feed on the phone itself, and the extra choice available to SIMO customers means they can tailor their contract to their requirements – avoiding overspending on texts, minutes and data they won’t use.