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Tesco Mobile is the largest mobile virtual network operator in the UK. Running on O2’s network, Tesco Mobile cover 99% of the UK population and offer a wide choice 30-day and 12-month SIM only deals from as little as £7.50 per month. 

With Tesco Mobile deals you can cap your bill for complete peace of mind and even earn Clubcard points.

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Service and Network Coverage

Tesco uses O2 so coverage is very similar that of O2. O2 now has 99 percent 2G coverage, 98 percent 3G coverage, and 97 percent 4G coverage. It’s still a smart idea to double-check coverage in your area, and research if your phone supports wi-fi calling as a back-up.

  • Tesco Mobile uses O2’s network to broadcast their 5G/4G/3G signal.
  • Coverage is identical between Tesco Mobile and O2, with O2 reaching 99% of the UK population with 4G/3G/2G where they live. Keep in mind that coverage is based on population and not physical location, so as long as you don’t live on a mountain that’s a good thing.
  • O2 is the second largest network in the UK which is a plus point for Tesco. Tesco is a good option to consider if you’re not satisfied with your current network’s coverage, but make sure to check their signal beforehand.

Why You Might like Tesco Mobile

  • Excellent 4G and 5G coverage

    Tesco Mobile run on O2’s network so you can access great coverage for calls and data across 99% of the UK population. Before you buy, check the network’s reception in your area using Tesco Mobile’s coverage checker.

  • 5G at no extra cost

    All of Tesco Mobile’s £10 or more SIM plans come with 4G included as standard. You will of course need to have a 5G ready phone and be in a 5G area to make use of this. Don't worry if you’re still waiting for the speed revolution to reach you, Tesco Mobile's 4G service is also available.

  • No mid-contract price hikes

    Tesco Mobile’s Price Promise guarantees that the price you pay when you start your contract is the price you’ll pay at the end of your contract. Unlike O2 and EE who have both confirmed that their prices will rise in line with the Retail Price Index each year.

  • Flexible Plans

    Tesco Mobile offer a wide range of flexible SIM-only plans. If you like your mobile contracts old school and just use your phone as a phone then Tesco Mobile is currently one of the only networks to offer pay monthly talk and text plans. Or if you need a little extra data to keep you going, Tesco Mobile’s one off data add-ons are low cost and don’t auto-renew so you don’t need to remember to cancel them. And, unlike some other networks, 30-day means just that so you don’t need to give any notice to cancel your 30-day SIM plan.

  • Excellent UK-based customer service

    Tesco Mobile has won numerous industry awards for their UK-based customer care. If you want to talk to someone in person then you can speak to Tesco Mobile's sales and support teams on the phone or visit one of the Tesco Phone Shops available in selected Tesco Stores.
    If you’re happy to do things online then Tesco Mobile's website has an easy to navigate help section with a live chat facility, or you can tweet the customer care team using @tescomobilecare.

Tesco Mobile review
Tesco brings a new take on mobile networks with close integration to Tesco stores. We like the perks and service, though the O2 network doesn't always have the best coverage or speed.
Integrated with Tesco Clubcard
Unique range of plans - not just the same as everyone else
O2 is a little behind EE on 5G
Lack of unlimited plans