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WhatSIM helps you make the best decision about which SIM Only deal is right for you. Use our guides, pricing tables and comparison tools to make the best choice for your budget. 

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The Definitive Guide to SIM Only

What is a SIM-only contract?SIM-only contracts work in the same way as traditional mobile ...

Choosing the right SIM only deal for you

If you are new to SIM-only, or you want to make sure you get the best deal for you, then ...

How to port your mobile telephone number

Porting is the process of transferring your existing mobile phone number to your new ...

We make it easy to find the best SIM Only deal for you, whether you want to save money, get unlimited 4G data for your tablet or just get a cheap deal while you wait for your next phone to be launched.

If you already have a mobile phone then you can easily save over £30 a month by moving to a SIM Only contract with minimum terms as short as 30 days. More and more people are discovering how much money they can save by going SIM Only, so let’s get started!

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Featured and top deals on WhatSIM are calculated based on merit and maths. Networks cannot boost their deals by paying us more money. Read more about the WhatSIM fairness promise here.

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