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WhatSIM helps you make the best decision about which SIM Only deal is right for you. Use our guides, pricing tables and comparison tools to make the best choice for your budget. 

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Looking For Unlimited data?

SIMs with unlimited data give you the most flexibility and security, and can often be tethered with other devices when you don't have a broadband connection available. See the full list of unlimited data SIM deals here.

SIMO and PAYG by Network

Looking for a specific mobile network? Jump straight to reviews, deals and recommendations for all the networks we feature. We feature 21 networks - more than any other SIM comparison site.

Latest Guides

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your new and existing mobile contract, as well as equipping you to make the best choice for your next one. Check out our blogs and guides here.

We make it easy to find the best SIM Only deal for you, whether you want to save money, get unlimited 4G data for your tablet or just get a cheap deal while you wait for your next phone to be launched.

If you already have a mobile phone then you can easily save over £30 a month by moving to a SIM Only contract with minimum terms as short as 30 days. More and more people are discovering how much money they can save by going SIM Only, so let’s get started!

More Choice

At WhatSIM we believe you should be equipped with as much choice information as possible to make an informed decision. We list more SIM Only Providers than any other SIMO comparison website. 

This is a Fair Website

This site was built by experienced professionals who have worked in the mobile industry for years. We have years of experience working with mobile phone networks, resellers and comparison sites and understand that most comparison websites don't always offer the best choice. We are committed to doing things differently.

Featured and top deals on WhatSIM are calculated based on merit and maths. Networks cannot boost their deals by paying us more money. Read more about the WhatSIM fairness promise here.

Is SIM Only Right for me?

A SIMO contract can slash your bills compared to a normal mobile phone contract. By separating your mobile tariff from the purchase of your phone you are free to re-use an old phone or purchase a new phone from anywhere you like. 

  • Freedom to use any phone
  • SIM Only contracts almost always come with more data than bundled deals.
  • The same benefits (usually) and SIM + phone deals.
  • The exact same roaming arrangements
  • Share your data with your tablet or laptop

Who is the best SIM Only provider?

That very much depends on what you need to use your phone or SIM for. We made WhatSIM to help you find the best solution for your own specific requirements. If cost is the primary factor we reccomend you look at MVNO networks or 12 month contracts, which are usually the most competitive.