Switching from PAYG to Pay Monthly – use, lose or transfer?

Switching from PAYG to Pay Monthly - use, lose or transfer

Do you want to upgrade from a Pay As You Go plan to a Pay Monthly contract, but worry that you’ll lose the remaining credit on your PAYG SIM? 

If you’re transferring from a PAYG plan to a Pay Monthly plan on the same network then you don’t need to throw your credit away. 

All of the mobile networks let you transfer any remaining credit from your PAYG plan when you upgrade to a Pay Monthly plan. This is used as partial payment of your first monthly bill. If you want to make absolutely sure that any existing PAYG credit is deducted from your first bill, be sure you tell to your provider about any credit when you call to upgrade your contract.

Not all providers will let you transfer credit if you take out a brand new contract, even if it is with the same network. So speak to your network before you do anything. If you’re a loyal customer you may be able to negotiate an even better upgrade deal than you’ve seen online or in-store. 

But I want to switch networks

If you hop from, say, Virgin Mobile to Three then sadly can’t bring your credit with you (although you can keep your current mobile number). 

If this applies to you don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to use up your credit – including calling long lost friends or relatives.

Or more fun, if you have an Android phone and your network accepts carrier billing, you could use your credit to buy apps, games, music and movies from the Google Play store. Many companies are now accepting mobile payments for goods billed to your network account, so look out for these.