Getting started with a SIM Free phone

When you buy a SIM Free phone it's up to you to set it up with your SIM card . This guide tells you what to expect and should help you set your new SIM up.
Getting started with SIM Only

What's in the box?

These are usually everyday headphones that are matched to your phone. They sound fine and are usually in-ear models. You can use them  to answer calls too.

Micro USB or USB-C cable
This cable is rated for data and power – use it to charge your phone or transfer files.

USB power adapter
This standard power adapter in the box is is matched to your new handset and is a safe, reliable way to charge your phone.

Just in case this guide is not enough! The manual shows you how to operate the phone and introduces approved accessories that match your phone perfectly.

Quick Start Guide
Just the bare minimum to get up and running SIM tool A small metal tool that is perfect or opening the SIM and memory card tray.

Warranty Information
Make sure you read and understand the warranty information. It will tell you if you need to do anything to qualify for the manufacturer warranty, such as registering online or saving the original store receipt.

What Isn't in the box

Fast or Wireless charger
If your new phone supports wireless or fast charging then you will have to buy an additional accessory to make use of it.

Screen Protector
Most phones don’t come with a screen protector fitted. They aren’t expensive, and are strongly recommended to keep your phone in tip top condition.