Get freebies with your next contract

Most networks and MVNOs offer extra features and freebies with their contracts to sweeten the deal. We list the best extras form each network.
free gift

All Brits are fans of a good freebie. The UK’s top networks have recognised this and compete to provide you with more than just good signal strength. When you purchase a mobile contract from O2, EE, Three, or Vodafone you are also be eligible for a host of fantastic benefits. Regardless of the network you choose, you are guaranteed more than just a fantastic mobile contract. 


O2 Priority is unique to O2 and provides incredible deals on food, entertainment, travel, and more. Put on your dancing shoes and prepare to live it up, since O2 is treating you like a VIP.

O2 Priority offers anything from a complimentary coffee at your local store to deals at amusement parks and zoos around the UK. Priority helps you to plan enjoyable family outings that you can both appreciate – and afford!

There are also regular prize draws with earn big prizes such as holidays to tropical locations around the world – how does a trip to the Maldives sound?

Music fans are well covered too. When you sign a contract with O2, you can get tickets to sporting and music activities before anyone else and at a lower price!


O2 might be big on live events, but EE is here for the film fans and sports fanatics. If you enjoy nothing more than kicking back, turning on the TV, and watching something involving a ball then EE is the network for you.

When you purchase a new EE contract you can get three months of BT Sport for free. 

Invite your friends and family over to your house (restrictions permitting) and make a night of it. from baseball to Formula One, BT Sport has it all.

If you buy an iPhone on EE you’ll get six months of Apple Music for free and listen to songs every day without using your data allowance. You’ll also get tips for songs and playlists that you’ll like, allowing you to branch out and inspire your mates with your new library.


Now if we’re honest Three doesn’t offer as many flat out “freebies” as the other networks, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Three’s party trick is of course super low prices and generous data allowances, so they  make it easier to use that data on the things you really care about.

Go Roam allows you to use your plan just like you are at home in over 70 European and worldwide countries. All the usual holiday hot-spots are covered, even far-flung destinations like america, Australia and New Zealand.
You can phone, text, and use the internet without worrying about scary bills when you get home. It has never been simpler to share your holiday memories.

Go Binge super charges your existing subscription plans like Netflix, Deezer or Spotify. If you have a Three Advanced Plan with 12GB or more data you don’t have to worry about your Bruce Willis Movie Marathon pushing your contract over the edge.


When you sign up for a Vodafone contract, you immediately become a part of the VeryMe Rewards programme.

Vodafone customers receive access to free movies, tasty snacks, and other goodies. These freebies include everything from Costa, Greggs, Thorntons, and Vue cinemas.

VeryMe rewards you with a free gift or offer every week so you always have somethign to look forward to. You can even give your reward to a friend or loved one, even if they don’t use Vodafone.

Vodafone probbly update and refresh their rewards more often than the other networks, so check back often – you are to find something you like.

Sky Mobile

Ok, so it’s not a free cup of coffee or a trip to the Zoo, but Sky does have a nice trick up its sleeve with flexible contracts and close integration with Sky Home entertainment.

Any unused data is automatically transferred to your Sky Piggybank, so you can use it later or share it with up to 7 SIMs on your account.

You also get unlimited streaming on Sky applications such as Sky Go and Sky News. So you can keep up with the latest matches, and immerse yourself in action-packed films or entertain the kids without using your data. If you have Sky TV or Sky Sports at home this could be a good alternative to Three Go Roam.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile, BT Sport… You see where we’re going here. Not every SIM ONly BT Mobile Contract includes BT Sport, but unlike other networks you do get it for the life of the contract when it is included.


You may also be eligible for a discount on BT Broadband, which in our opinion still tops the chart as the best Broadband service available.

Things to watch out for…


Extra media services like Disney+ are in fact only free for 6 months. After that the monthly subscription is automatically added to your monthly phone bill. You are free to cancel but you won’t receive any notifications so make sure you don’t forget. You can’t get a refund, even if you don’t use the service at all.


Most Vodafone plans come with a 3-month free trial of Secure Net, which protects you from malicious viruses and websites. It also includes a content filter. Following the free trial, you will be automatically charged £1 a month until you cancel.

Any network offering Free Apple Music

Apple music is a popular giveaway, but it doesn’t usually last forever – it is usually only free for 3 or 6 months, after which you will be billed automatically.