Block nuisance calls with the Telephone Preference Service

Do you find sales and marketing calls to be a nuisance? The Telephone Preference Service is an easy solution.
stop nuisance calls

The Direct Marketing Association operates the Telephone Preference Service  as a free service. It prevents organisations, including charities and volunteer organisations, from calling you with sales or advertisement calls using your phone number.

The TPS is the only official ‘Do Not Call’ registry for both landline and mobile nunbers. It makes it easy to opt out of  unsolicited sales or marketing calls. It is simple to register a phone number and completely free.

To register with the TPS you will need:

  • Your phone number
  • Your postcode
  • A valid email address

Other ways to register

By phone

Call 0345 070 0707 and follow the automated instructions. 

Text message

Text TPS and your email address to 85095.

Can I register a mobile number?

A lot of people believe the TPS is only for landlines. That isn’t true, and it makes great sense to register your mobile number because it also protects you from marketing sms messages as well.

What if I continue to get nuisance sales and marketing calls?

There is still the possibility that certain businesses may not follow the Telephone Preference Service. If you continue to get untargeted marketing or promotional calls you can file a complaint with the Telephone Preference Service. 

What does the Telephone Preference service block?

The TPS stops you receiving sales or marketing calls unless you specifically asked to be contacted.

  • Cold calls attempting to offer you anything you don’t want or need, such as double glazing.
  • Automatic texts claiming you are entitled to reimbursement or compensation, maybe for a mis-sold insurance policy such as PPI or a diesel car.

What doesn’t the TPS protect you from?

The TPS service only protects you from genuine companies who follow the rules. Sadly it won’t stop unscrupulous or malicious scam messages and calls – the people who send them are already breaking the law so the TPS is not a deterrent.

I just asked a company to call me – are they still allowed to?

Don’t worry, the TPS only applies to unsolicited calls. If you specifically ask someone to call you then that is perfectly fine.