The WhatSIM Fairness Promise

The WhatSIM Fairness Promise

We want to do right by our visitors, delivering a complete, up do date and unbiased summary of all the SIM deals on the market. to help get there we are committed to being transparent and honest about the decisions we make.

No sponsored listings

Unlike the largest comparison sites on the UK, we don’t charge extra to promote a network or retailer more than their competitors. Featured Deals and their position are calculated based on measurable features like price and amount of data.

We share the Maths

When we list deals we use numeric values and simple formulas to work out the order they appear in. We share these formulas with our users so you can be confident you are seeing the best recomendations.

We list products we don’t get paid for

Like Free SIMs – most networks don’t reward partners for recommending them to their visitors, but it’s the right thing to do so we list them anyway.