How to deactivate the giffgaff adult content block

As a responsible network giffgaff blocks adult content on their network. The content block covers obvious and dangerous online content, but can also block menus for pubs and restaurants and other similar websites.

To deactivate the content block you need to provide a valid passport or driving licence number. Unlike other networks there are no other ways to remove the parental restrictions.

If you are concerned about providing such personal information there is something you may want to try.

A possible solution

The word online is that giffgaff does not have a link to the DVLA or passport office to check the numbers you provide. That’s right, you need to provide a valid number but it doesn’t have to be yours. As long as it is the correct length and follows the rules of valid numbers it may be accepted.

Please note that we haven’t tested this, but online communities have reported that it works if you provide a correctly formatted number. if you are nervous about providing the numbers on your sensitive documents it may be worth a try.

Please use responsbly

If you aren’t eligible to remove content blocks, please don’t. Online content restrictions exist for a reason, So if you are under 18 move along, nothing to see here.