IQ Mobile

IQ Mobile SIM Only

IQ provide easy to understand mobile tariffs with 1 and 12 month contract terms. They keep things simple with Great connectivity and excellent customer service.

IQ Mobile SIMO Deals

1 0Flexible Data 1 month IQ Mobile PAYM SIM Only
3 3GB 1 month IQ Mobile PAYM SIM Only
6 100GB 12 month IQ Mobile PAYM SIM Only
IQ Mobile
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Why choose IQ Mobile?

IQ is an Intelligent Mobile Network that connects small companies and professionals throughout the United Kingdom. IQ Mobile is there for you, no matter what where your work takes you. With IQ you get a  bespoke service from an expert team, backed by the fastest 4G network in the country.

With its simple pricing and easy to understand tariffs IQ is fine for general mobile use, but it’s great for small to medium businesses. 

What Network is IQ on?

IQ Mobile is a MVNO built on the EE infrastructure. That means you get great coverage and fast 4G across the UK.

Does IQ support 5G?

At the moment IQ only offers fast 4G speeds. Don’t worry, 5G is coming soon and will be launched in 2021.