When will I get 5G?


The 5G rollout started in late 2019 and is already bringing faster connection speeds to thousands of happy phone users across the UK but if it’s not yet available where you are you’d would be forgiven for wondering whatall the fuss is about.

We take a look at which networks offer 5G, why it’s taking so long and how you can check if it’s available near you.

Which networks offer 5G?

All of the big 4 mobile operators (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone) offer 4G, as do some of the MVNOs.

Why is the 5G roll-out taking so long?

To support the introduction of 5G the mobile networks have built new infrastructure, replacing and upgrading masts to optimise signal strength and this has taken some time.

The rollout to consumers began in 2019 but the work behind the scenes started years before. 

When will 5G be available near me?

To reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time the mobile networks launched 5G in densely populated areas first. Major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham were among the first to be connected. This means when the operators talk about 98% coverage they mean population not the geographical area covered, so if you live in a rural area you’ll still have a while longer to wait for 5G to reach you.